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Peregrine Falcons Return to Alton

Its been over 100 years since the peregrine falcon has called the Alton area home. Thought to be extinct in the area due to heavy usage of pesticides some decades ago, the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon are sharing the same story. These birds of prey are making a come back to the bluffs that overlook the Mississippi River. Throughout the month of January the bald eagles come here to roost, making Alton the place to view these magnificent birds, second only to Alaska.
The falcons add yet another entry to the list of historic event to happen here in Alton, Illinois and we are glad to welcome them back. Although the falcon comeback has just started, we hope it won’t be long before they flourish as they did before just like the bald eagle.
Sharing that timeline, the BEALL MANSION, built in 1903, has stood proudly while the falcons were away.
So, birdwatchers the only thing left for you to do is grab your binoculars and book a stay with us here at the Beall Mansion An Elegant Bed and Breakfast where you can take in 100 years of history just by stepping through a doorway or taking a trip down the The Great Rivers Scenic Byway. Give us a call at 618-474-9100 to see how you can experience Alton and the greater St. Louis area.

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