Chocolate buffet at Beall Mansion An Elegant Bed & Breakfast Inn
“There's nothing better than a friend ...
unless it's a friend with chocolate.”
—Charles Dickens


Satisfy your every chocolate craving with our complimentary 24 hour “all you can eat” chocolate buffet. Featuring a minimum of 21 different chocolates—from childhood classics to fine gourmet chocolates.

Available exclusively to overnight guests of the St. Louis area's premiere chocolate b&b hotel—Beall Mansion An Elegant Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Current selection* includes:

Fine Chocolates
  • dark chocolate covered espresso beans
  • dark chocolate covered ginger
  • dark chocolate orange sticks
  • dark chocolate acai
  • dark chocolate covered blueberries
  • dark chocolate covered cherries
  • dark chocolate covered cranberries
  • dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  • dark chocolate mints

Sugar Free

  • sugar free dark chocolate covered almonds
Traditional Favorites
  • milk chocolate peanut butter cup minis
  • milk chocolate covered raisins
  • dark chocolate Hershey® Nuggets
  • milk chocolate Hershey® Nuggets
  • Hershey's® Kisses
  • M&M's®
  • M&M'® peanut

Chocolate Without Guilt

Eat without guilt. Because The BEALL MANSION is a magical, whimsical place—calories don't count during your stay.

*NOTE: Chocolate slection may vary from day to day and hour to hour according to availability.